Posted by: Ann Lauwers | May 18, 2012

Ghost, Spirits or just a play of light?


Do we really see everything in our world? Or are we so focused on what we want that we have tunnel vision and don’t see the whole picture?  How much are we missing by not paying close attention to everything around us? These are the questions I’ve been asking ever since I started the game of Second Glances.

In this shot I was trying to capture the curvy invite of the driveway and theplay of shadows from the trees on this warm day. It wasn’t the most exciting shot I’ve taken but it was nice enough to capture my attention.  With my eyes being focused on the road I certainly didn’t expect what I found in the image upon viewing it later.

Close up  of Ghost Lady

If you look to the left within the trees, you will notice something else. A ghost.

So now my thoughts go like this.

Was I attracted to the scene for the road? It wasn’t that attractive. Or was it the presence of the ghost that was drawing my attention? An unspoken word or my subconious making me turn that way? A feeling? A coincedence? Nature Spirits calling my name? Or just dumb luck? Or am I just making this up?

My curious mind will always be asking these questions and no one really has the answer. So I’ll just go about looking and searching for more of the unexplained.

Do you believe?

To find out more about the Second Glances game, check out the page How it Happened.

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