Posted by: Ann Lauwers | October 5, 2014

In my travels

Mr. Magee   As you know I’ve been traveling the west coast for the past three weeks in search of some rest, relaxation, family time and some new materials. Sometimes you just need to get out of your environment to give yourself a new perspective on life. I most certainly got that. I live here in Michigan and although we have some beautiful lakes and shoreline, nothing here will ever make you feel like you are just a tiny speck on this earth like some parts of the west coast.

Our first stop was Bryce Canyon where we felt like we could reach out and touch the stars while sitting on the edge of the canyon late at night. The Grand Canyon looked like it just wasn’t even real. Being so large I felt like you couldn’t touch it or connect with it because of it’s size. Yosemite was so tall around you and so where the Sequoias and the Red Woods. My perspective will never be the same.

I took hundreds of photos and although I loved the trip and landscape out there, I am very glad to be back home and back to my artwork. The images I took of the trees and the rock formations will keep me busy for the long winter ahead.

This top image is one of the images I’ll be working on and using in my upcoming book Whispers of the Woods, due out next summer. This guy was so obvious I couldn’t help but stop and take his picture and smile.

The bottom image is just to show you how big these trees really are. As you can see the size with Jerry climbing into this tree.


It’s time to go play now.

Have an artful day!




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