About Ann

     I once heard it said, “If you don’t know or believe something exist, then you will never see it.” I believe that now, after being taught the simple lesson of seeing.

Hi, I’m Ann Lauwers. I live in Metamora, Michigan, USA and Art is my Life. I believe that a true artist cannot limit themselves to just one medium. For knowing how to “see” light in a photograph is the basics of a good painting. As being able to draw a figure is vitally important to sculpting one. So if you’re wondering which is my favorite, well I would have to say, “that all depends on the day.”  I graduated with a degree in graphic arts and have spent many years working for portrait studios as a photographic retoucher. It was rewarding but not very creative. So out of a need to create my own work and sticking with the photographic medium, I started An Artist View Photography as an outlet for my own creative adventures.  Nature is full of art and with camera in hand I’ll never tire of the hunt to capture it’s endless beauty.

The book, Second Glances An Introduction to Seeing was published because of the positive reception the images were getting at my art shows. People would often say, “This is like laying on the grass and picking out faces in the clouds”. And some were even relieved to see that they weren’t the only ones seeing things.

And now with the blog, we can all have fun seeing “Art” in Nature.  Or is it “Nature Spirits”?  A simple question that keeps me on my toes for more images.

I believe if you keep your eyes open and your heart filled with wonder, the magic will appear.   Have fun, Ann

As a lifelong artist, Ann has honed her abilities to see the world through an artistic lens. Her attention to detail, composition and color has won her several awards locally and nationally for her photographic retouching. Her own company, An Artist View Photography, was conceived as an outlet for her creative passions and has since won her awards within her home state of Michigan. Ann’s endless curiosity and her love of nature makes everyday a creative venture. Whether it’s the beauty of a single rose, or helping others see a face in a tree, she uses that artistic lens to show the world what they may have missed. These prints and more are available by visiting Ann’s website; www.AnArtistView.net

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