How it Happened

One morning while walking along the beach at Tawas Point State Park, I can across this wonderful design. With each passing wave the sands were shifting and the foam was moving.  I immediately took advantage of the shot, making sure I had it covered from all angles. It was when I was editing the pictures from that weekend that I got a better chance to study this amazing design. I couldn’t believe my eyes as I began to see the mysterious faces appear.  For the after picture I used an old technique of dodging and burning to bring out what I was seeing just a little clearer.


That was the morning this great game of finding designs began.


  1. Spooky!

    • Lorna, it didn’t feel Spooky at all! It felt more amazing then anything! It feels more like a friendly smile and makes me light up inside.
      Someday I’ll come visit some of your tea rooms.
      Have fun!

      • I’m glad it didn’t feel spooky, I do think it’s rather nice, so spooky in a good way 🙂

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