Posted by: Ann Lauwers | September 5, 2014

It’s time to explore.

hungry bear wp

It’s time.

Time to set work and responsibilities aside for awhile and just be a kid again. For the next few weeks I’ll be taking off my reading glasses and abandoning my computer in exchange for traveling to new places, hiking into new territory, and most of all reuniting with my old friend, my camera.

I can’t wait to see what is waiting out there for me to see. Something tells me it’s going to be big.

Until I return, ….Remember…’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see.



I’ll leave you with Hungry Bear.  I found him on a very fast river in Yellowstone National Park a few years back.


Posted by: Ann Lauwers | August 29, 2014

Are you really alone on the beach?

The next time you take a stroll on the beach, you might want to keep an eye out for what you may be watching you.

original beach Beach buddies

I found these guys while walking on the beach at Tawas Point a few weeks ago and they weren’t the only ones.

Be sure to keep an eye out.

I’ll be off on vaca for the next month exploring the national parks and the beaches of california. Can’t wait to see what I find.

Enjoy your walks,


Posted by: Ann Lauwers | August 17, 2014

What a great idea!

Good Morning!

So I’ve been thinking.the_editot

Oh, come on now, quit shaking your head and rolling those eyes for just a second and let me explain.

This really is a good idea! Really!

I want to start a newsletter. That’s right, just a small email newsletter that I could send out maybe just once a month giving you an insiders look at what is going on at An Artist View Photography.

But here’s where I need your help. I really need your help picking out some topics. That way I’ll be sure to address some of the things you want to read about. After all, I could only hope that it would become something you would look forward to receiving and enjoy reading.

Would you like topics on photography, photoshop, demonstrations on how I go about creating an image? How about using background textures with your photographs? Then, there are those wonderful little fairies and the process of digitally creating them. And don’t forget about Second Glances, I love find them!

Please help by leaving a message below as to what topics you like most and I’ll be sure to try and fit them all in. And don’t forget to sign up for the newsletter. I’ve placed a link on every page this is posted on. I’ve even updated the website to include it right on the homepage.

Thank you!


Posted by: Ann Lauwers | July 6, 2014

Whispers in the Woods

begging for attention promoThey’re calling! Can you hear them?

I got a chance to spend some time at Hartwick Pines State Park, here in Michigan, USA  last weekend. They have some of the oldest pine trees in the state. What a peaceful feeling to walk amongst these very tall pines. Their canopy so thick the little sprouts don’t stand a chance of growing without our intervention.

In a few months I’ll be visiting some of our nations National Parks with Redwood Forest being the final destination. They will make our old pines look like undergrowth.

I’ll keep you posted on what I find along the way.

My first book “Second Glances An Introduction to Seeing” can be purchased from my website, or

Ann Lauwers


Posted by: Ann Lauwers | February 13, 2014

I’m starting to hear the calling again

It’s been a while since I’ve grabbed my camera and listened to the calling of nature. It always came on by surprise. A little nudge you might say. I would carry may camera with me just in case, blocking out the busy life in search of the unexpected I so loved. It’s been at the back of my mind lately so today I’ll brush off my camera, make sure the batteries are charged and then wait to see what will appear. There is a tree I see on my walks I take with the dogs that has been begging for attention. I’ll be sure to post it soon. Until then, see what you can find in this one that was taken at Meadowbrook Hall in Rochester, MI.


Remember, keep love in your heart, open your minds and the magic will appear.


Posted by: Ann Lauwers | February 21, 2013

I’m still here, Really!

Just in case you were wondering where I’ve been these past few months, let me explain my absence.

As an artist, you really don’t know where your creative mind will lead you next. Well lately, mine has had me on an adventure in my very own back yard. You see….there are a lot of magical things out there. Just ask my grand kids as to why they carry skiddles in their pockets while walking threw the gardens. Searching under rocks, listening for strange sounds and setting fairy traps at night in hopes of finding a new friend in the morning light. I’ve set the camera down for a little while in order to see the world from their eyes. Most of us leave our imaginations behind as we grow up but kids have no rules and no limits on theirs. It’s not until we have grand kids of our own when we revisit those childhood wonders again and get away with it without the fear of others thinking we have totally lost it. Trust me…I’m seeing this reaction from family and friends already.  But don’t worry about me, I’m having my second childhood and loving it! You’ll see soon enough.Image

” The Enchanted Door “

Is a story about children, fairies, a magical yard and a couple of Woofenwiggles .

Coming Soon!

Stay tuned.

Posted by: Ann Lauwers | September 28, 2012

Tree Spirits, Dryads and wonder.

I know it’s been a little quiet around here lately. But I try to get out and photograph during the warmer months as much as I can while the weather is nice. It only takes a few months of getting out there with nature and I’ve got plenty to work on all winter long.

My photography search this summer has been leading me into the woods. Connecting with trees and their spirits, as they say.  Dryads. Wikipedia says they are the female spirit of the trees. I’m not so sure about that but here is what I believe. If all is made up of energy (quantum physics) then why wouldn’t a tree have a spirit?  I wonder, if it is made up of energy then surely they must be connected to the rest of us by way of our energy. Thus a spirit must be within these trees as well. Plants do respond to our touch. Touch one everyday and you’ll see it grow better. Yell at it and see it wilt over time.  We may not be able to get a verbal response but if you look close enough you will see the response you are looking for.

Over the last few years I’ve taken up walking with my dogs, Emma and Megan through the woods at our local state park. I’ve been able to watch these trees grow as they  line the winding narrow path. They’ve grown their branches towards us and stretched their roots out farther into our walkway making it so we have to slow down. Most of all, I’m beginning to see the images that are appearing within the bark of these trees and it makes me feel a happiness like a long time friend.  Are these images that are appearing a way to communicate to me? I believe so.

Happy Dryads is just one of many that were photographed this summer in search of images to use in the new book I’m working on. I’m taking my time with this so don’t expect anything until next spring unless I get one of those wonderful creative pushes that usually grabs my attention and doesn’t let go until I’ve finished my project. I kinda like it when that happens. It gets rid of all those excuses for not finishing.

In Happy Dryads I’m seeing three main tree spirits. If you look a little closer you will be able to pick out the fourth smaller one located center bottom. With a little practice you may even see more.

I’ve included a second image of Happy Dryads to point out what I was looking at just in case the spirits aren’t making themselves visible to you.

Have fun!






Posted by: Ann Lauwers | August 2, 2012

Book Signing

Second Glances, An Introduction to Seeing

Just a reminder that I’ll have my book available for signings at the upcoming art show this weekend. See you at The Tawas Waterfront fine Art Festival.

Posted by: Ann Lauwers | July 20, 2012

Mysteries of the world above us.

     “The universe is a pretty big place. If it’s just us, seems like an awful waste of space.”
Carl Sagan, ContactImage

     Haven’t we all at one point stopped to wonder what is really up there? Are we really alone? Do you think we will ever find any form of life? I certainly hope so. Wouldn’t that be just amazing?

     I came across some beautiful pictures of Nebula, the star from the constellation Orion. There is so much about this out there. Some even say that it is the stargate to another world and that they have been here and helped us along the way. My most favorite wonderment is how all the pyramids around the world are all lined up to this. That certainly makes you wonder? What were they looking for? Or waiting for? Did our ancestors have visitors from there? Could they be what the bible says are Angels?

     The possibilities are endless and I for one will keep my mind open in hopes that someday I’ll know the answers. 

    I absolutely love the designs in these photographs. My imagination can really run wild.

What do you see?




Nebula after

Posted by: Ann Lauwers | July 14, 2012

The Swindon Stone

Avebury. The ditch around the stones.

     Lately I’ve had my mind on traveling. Every few years I get a little antsy, just needing some more excitement in my life and exploring is something that my husband and I truly enjoy. It gives us something to look forward to as well as something new to talk about. After 33 years of marriage, we already know how to read each others minds, so yes, we need to get out and see something other than the usual.

     We are planning a trip to Ireland in 2014. I know it’s a ways off yet but we are not the types to travel with a group so we search and plan our own excursions. This brought me into looking up the Celts. And with my wandering brain the way it is, I thought about revisiting some of the places we visited a few years ago when we spent 2 weeks wandering around England. This was before my photography career and now I find I am in much need of better pictures.

Let me step back just a minute and give you a little background first.  I had the luck of being born in Swindon, England. Being the third daughter of a American military family, we just so happened to be stationed there when I arrived. I didn’t get to stay very long as we were state’s side again by the time I was two.  Since sisters will be sisters, and I have three, I got the honor of being teased about it my whole life. If anything I did was wrong….it was because I was born there.  I learned to enbrace the teasing  and made it my own. Many years later I’m finding there are coincidences and family relations that bring me back to England in every direction. And it has nothing to do with being wrong. I recently found out through that my fathers side of the  family, the Westcott’s, have been traced back to Westcott Manor, in Marwood England. And today’s coincidence……the writer of a book about Avebury, is William Stukely, a big possiblity to being another cousing along the ancestry line. I’m definitely have some more exploring in England to do.

I dug out some old pictures of Avebury, Wiltshire England. Jer and I visited there on our way to Swindon. We hadn’t been looking for it at the time but am forever grateful that our path brought us there. Avebury is much like the popular Stonehenge except you can walk right up to the stones. I distinctly remember reading a small sign on the unlocked farm gate that read, Please keep gate closed so the sheep don’t get out. It felt kinda like trespassing but at the same time, it felt like coming home. Avebury’s large circle of stones are on 28 acres with this very large deep ditch surrounding the entire area. You don’t realize how big these stones are until you see them in person. You just can’t help but ask that question…How did they get them there? I, like always wasn’t happy with just looking from afar, I had to touch all the stones. I took a picture of Jer by the largest stone I could find. It wasn’t until I got home did I notice that we had picked the Swindon stone. (I believe whole heartily that nothing is by coincidence.) We stayed there for quite a while after that  in awe of the stones and the welcoming feeling they were emitting. I really did hate to leave.

Today I was look at this image and now I can see what else was with us. Let’s take a look.  I downloaded another image from the web so I could see all of the image. Here is the before . Looks like an ordinary big rock right? Well now let’s look again.

I’ve just used a little lightening and darkening to the image so you can see what I am seeing. Kinda like burning and dodging like they used to do in the darkroom.

Do you see them now? What caught my eye first was the large profile image on the upper right, by the point. Then it continued into much more.

I really wish I had a story for all that I see here. I see a goat on the top. A girl almost center. She is above the horse or donkey looking to the left. Along the whole right side are 5 faces as if they are watching who exits the north entrance. On the left I see another large face behind the horse and what looks like a cat yawning towards the bottom.

What a great story this rock could tell!

Don’t be afraid to play the game. Let that inner child out to play. Have fun.

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